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I ♥ LexisNexis® Student Ambassador Program 2013

LexisNexis® can help you discover a brand new legal career with infinite possibilities

Are you?

Hungry for a successful legal career, but confined to your campus, and feeling isolated from the real business and legal worlds outside?

Brimming with enthusiasm, achieving outstanding results in your studies, but with little knowledge of the real world and no experience overcoming real-world work problems?

Focused and highly ambitious, but frustrated by lack of opportunities shine and show what you can do?

If this sounds like you, get your legal career started today with the I ♥ LexisNexis® Student Ambassador Programme 2013!

What is the I ♥ LexisNexis® Student Ambassador Programme?

The programme is designed to help counter some of the most common barriers to success for students working towards a legal career. For example:

  • Campus life can isolate students from society. It provides sufficient theory and generates enthusiasm, but doesn’t provide valuable experience. The programme aims to provide the practical working experience students need to independently overcome problems.
  • Many students perform well at university, but lack the interpersonal skills, personal drive and global world view to rise above fellow students in competition for legal careers. The programme aims to supplement student knowledge with the other skills required to succeed.
  • Without access to complete, up-to-date legal-industry information, students could fail to recognise the best career opportunities, or they may lack the ability to capture these opportunities when they arise. The programme aims to equip students with the information and insight students need to forge glowing careers.

Then why not become a LexisNexis® Student Ambassador?

Have you ever thought of going to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or other places to mix with future legal elites and to share your professional views?

Would you benefit from an internship at a famous law firm, with opportunities for close working contact with big-name partners?

Would you like to share your achievements with your personal and professional networks via social media, your blog or Renren?

How do I apply for the I ♥ LexisNexis® Student Ambassador Programme?

To participate, submit your best ideas to us for a special project to promote of advance the law and legal industry. Proposed projects might include videos, articles, research, or seminars, and can be conducted individually or in a group – the main objective is to put together a project that spreads and promotes the spirit of law, and which showcases your passion and ability.

Students with the best ideas will be selected to receive a financial grant from LexisNexis®. If you’re selected, you’ll have the finds to undertake your project, and may also access a range of other special benefits provided by LexisNexis® .

Join the programme!

You’re welcome to apply for the programme if you are:

  • a law-major student
  • enthusiastic about legal research and social news
  • active on social media platforms
  • positive, optimistic, and ambitious
  • a skilled communicator

To apply, send your CV at today.

  • Your CV should include educational background (undergraduates or above), experience of social activities, contact details, plus details of your social media presence
  • Please also include your idea for the law-related project or activity you want to launch
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