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    Lexis® Practical Guidance–In-house Legal is the most comprehensive contract templates and drafting notes in China market provide necessary information for transactional lawyers and in-house counsels to handle different kinds of business. 

    In-house Legal® provides a full range of awareness and knowhow resources, including articles, contract templates and drafting notes, combined with a comprehensive China law database and key case coverage for Chinese lawyers and legal counsels.  

    •  Including more than 300 bilingual contracts drafted translated and edited by experienced practitioners at top international and Chinese firms.

    •  Covering all corporate, commercial and business law topics, with drafting notes and footnotes in main fields

    •  Enabling you to easily edit and save online/offline, and helping you build your own contracts bank.

    More choices of profound practice contents to meet your daily work demands all round

    •  Awareness:Bilingual, daily updated, including links of sources

    •  Industry and regulatory news:Bilingual, daily updated, including links of sources

    •  Short commentary:Experienced lawyers' brief comments on the latest legislation, offering links of relevant contents

    •  Articles:Sticking to hot topics, covering all legal areas, provided by top law and accounting firms

    •  Selected laws and regulations:The most relevant laws and regulations with high-quality translation

    •  Selected cases:Giving thorough insights into the legal trend and development through typical cases, provide sufficient support for daily work


    Powerful searching engine,Customized alert service

    Perfectly combined with the new Lexis® Practical Guidance platform, In-house Legal® realizes the overall updating in searching system, with more search options, alerts, and customized functions, quicker and easier to use, so that you can gain a completely new experience of legal research and further improve your work efficiency. 

      Powerful searching engine to increase the search relevancy and provide more accurate search results    

        -Simple search: Quick search by just inputting even natural language key words

        -Advanced search : Search for different content types with more accurate results, and select any legal fields and industries you are interested with 

      With thoughtful function settings and customized alert service, you can receive the latest news with no delay

        -Alert setting by any key words you want

        -Quick Alert Setup by practical legal areas and industries


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