LexisNexis® Courtlink®

The largest, most complete, up-to-date database of Federal and State court files and related documents.

Time Matterss

    CourtLink® contains more than 168 million US Federal and State court files and related documents, including:

    • Original case data from the past 20 years, covering filings, briefs and appeals, representing a complete coverage of the case progress and history
    • Extraction of strategic summaries and the nature of claims filed with the courts
    • Parties of litigation: detailed, accurate information and background data of judges, plaintiff and defense parties, legal counsel and law firms

    • Easy search – Find the information needed quickly, using keywords, and “dynamic post-search filtering” to pinpoint the relevant cases
    • Timely updates – CourtLink ® includes a comprehensive and flexible notification feature: set multiple selection criteria, then track and view information on mobile device (iPhone, iPad ®, Android ™) at any time
    • Comprehensive analysis – Thorough, multi-angle analysis, from which to refine ideas on cases and develop highly effective strategies
    • Unique search of relevant patent litigations – With easy access to patent litigation status of company, clients and competitors, to develop more effective intellectual property strategies and reduce the risk of intellectual property litigations

    Corporate Legal Affairs

    • Helping to understand the latest developments and litigation information on global competitors, trading partners and cooperative partners
    • Prepare for possible business risks associated with cross-border investments and global trading
    • Effectively choose a law firm to help identify the possible legal risks in the corporate business operation
    • Develop an effective litigation strategy when facing lawsuits abroad

    Professional Lawyers

    • Quickly locates potential clients with high commercial risks, effectively expanding the businesses of the law firm
    • Provides the data and information required for due diligence
    • Helps analyse and assess influential stakeholders of the cases represented
    • Enables one to more effectively pursue a claim or defend clients, enhancing the visibility and influence of the law firm

    Research Fellows

    • Providing the adjudication and verdict of cases, plus comprehensive, detailed case files, including the complaint, pleadings and a variety of other documents reflecting case processes
    • Improves analysis of cases through graphical analysis reports and data to deliver more strategic macro-advice
    • Provides a full range of litigation information for research work to expand the scope and depth of research

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