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the most comprehensive IP database offering law, regulations, practice, proceedings and application handling for 260 countries

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    Global IP Law Service is an up-to-date online database of comprehensive IP legal information.
    • Law firms, corporations, law schools and governmental offices use Global IP Law Service as a source of information to file, manage, monitor, renew and protect their IP assets abroad.
    • Edited by a team of IP specialists and supported by the input of international experts from 100 law firms, Global IP Law Service covers essential IP practice, proceedings and law from 260 countries and jurisdictions

    Global coverage. 260 countries, IP jurisdictions and territories. For a complete listing, click here.

    Comprehensive content. Proceedings, Practice and Application handling. Over 13,000 pages of unique content.

    Content by practice. Patents, Trademarks, Domain Names, Utility Models and Industrial Models & Designs.

    English texts. More than 1,500 international, regional, bilateral and national law, treaties, regulations and decrees.

    Increase your efficiency by using navigable topical hierarchies to browse and search IP legal doctrine from across the world easily and efficiently.

    Stay updated on the latest IP developments all over the world, getting comprehensive and weekly updated explanations ready to be used in daily practice.

    Save time and effort by consolidaing all information from one place, in English, avoiding reading a myriad of web sites, publications, and law texts.

    Leverage the power of® search engine, including advanced Boolean and Natural Language searching, intuitive Alerts, and a variety of download options.

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