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The Easiest-to-Use Search Tool for U.S. Legal Resources.

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    Lexis® Advance gives you the quickest and easiest access to the most authoritative and accurate U.S. legal information.

    • One quick Baidu-like search can find for you or your client the most updated, authoritative and accurate U.S. legal information across over 60,000 U.S. legal information sources to facilitate your investment and business development in the U.S. no matter where you are – even thousands of miles away
    • Through Lexis® Advance, you can access a comprehensive collection of U.S. federal and state case laws, statutes, cases and administrative regulations, as well as judicial interpretations, practice guides, commentaries, model forms and other premium content.
    • Using the latest machine learning technology, Lexis® Answers understands your question and delivers the best answer
    • Subscription of email alerts keeps you updated on your needed legal information and analysis from authoritative U.S. legal brands on your mobile phone or tablet

    Lexis® Advanceis an easy-to-use tool with powerful functions to meet your various needs. The following eight features of Lexis® Advance make it easier and faster for you to stay on top of more information!

    1. A simple red search box
    • Click once just like a Baidu search to search across the entire library
    • Use quotation marks around search phrases, names of commonly-used statutes or case names to instantly retrieve needed documents in full text
    • Conduct natural language search or advanced search through search expression inputs at your will
    A simple red search box
    2.Adjustable search range as you prefer
    • You can limit your search range to just the jurisdiction, content category or practice area you want before you begin
    • Or if you prefer, you can wait and narrow results after you search by date range, jurisdiction, content category, sources, practice area, etc.
    • You can also save and reuse your most frequently-used filter combinations

    3. Lexis® Answers
    Using powerful machine learning technology, Lexis® Answers understands your question and delivers a correct, specific answer. You only need to enter a phrase for Lexis® Answers to understand your path and suggest questions for you. It delivers a clear and authoritative answer plus comprehensive search results for deeper research.
     Lexis® Answers
    4. Flexible email alert options to ensure you won’t miss any updates
    Email alerts can be set up to notify you of updates in any literature or search results without you having to search for them. Multiple alert options include alerts to monitor new legislation or track case progress, Shepard’s Alert® for updates on citing authorities and more.
    Flexible email alert options to ensure you won’t miss any updates
    5. Shepard’s® Citations Service
    Shepard’s® Citations Service helps you judge whether you’re citing good law while showing you relevant materials related to your citations. An exclusive “grid view” shows you citing decisions subject to analysis by court or by date, with Appellate History Map providing a quick visual map of the appellate chain of you case.
     Shepard’s® Citations Service
    6. Research history saved to ensure you’re not missing any step
    Your prior searches, search terms, documents retrieved, Shepard’s reports, email alerts and other activities are automatically saved in your history folders for up to 90 days. You can view your search history in a list view or as a graphical research map to easily compare search results and find similar relevant documents.
    7. Browse by legal topic to find resources on specific legal topics
    You can select your interested legal topic, retrieve search results on this topic, add the topic to your frequently-used search terms, create an alert on the topic, view the topic summary report, and carry out a series of other operations.
    8. Access by mobile devices anywhere, anytime
    Lexis® Advance automatically adapts to fit the viewing screen of your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device of your choice.

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