Lexis® Practical Guidance-Compliance

A Complete Solution for Establishing and Optimizing Your Compliance Management System.

How to find answers to a stream of new compliance issues in the shortest time possible? How to legitimately call out compliance risks and where to find reliable penalty data? Are there compliance system templates constructed under international standards available as reference for compliance management? Lexis® Practical Guidance offers what you need.

Time Matterss

    Lexis® Practical Guidance-Compliance, a Powerful Tool for Corporate Compliance:

    Lexis® Practical Guidance-Compliance is designed to provide clients with an online practical guide to compliance, with features including search and summary of compliance-related laws and regulations, checklist & flowchart, cases, practice notes and risk pointers written by renowned experts in the field, sample forms, etc. This product provides daily corporate compliance work with rich data and case information support to help companies establish a sound compliance system and formulate related compliance strategies. The database imbedded in this product also tracks in real time hotspot issues in the compliance field, such as network security, data compliance, specific industry regulation, and contract management issues, and promptly integrates global information for clients to keep an accurate grasp on regulatory developments and trends.

    How will Lexis® Practical Guidance-Compliance help you?

    We provide support and reference data for daily compliance work

    1. Compliance document drafting
    Regularly updated high-quality compliance-related bilingual templates help you develop a more comprehensive and detailed compliance system, including:

    • Compliance system and monitoring system templates
    • Compliance-related document templates categorized by industry
    • Sample forms for hotspot business areas (New)
    2. Contract management improvement
    Practice notes on contract management offer you advice on contract management procedures and contract performance risks

    • Analysis of essential contract provisions by different company operating conditions to prevent risks while helping companies deal with related contract disputes
    • Assist companies in establishing a contract management system, streamlining procedures, improving compliance-related early alert mechanisms, and lowering operational risks
    3. Insight on industry regulations

    Analysis of regulatory indicators with tracking the latest legal information updates on key industries

    • Summary by industry of industry regulatory laws and regulations covering the pharmaceutical, automobile, financial and other industries.
    • Collection, summary and analysis of relevant regulatory information nationwide
    4. Administrative penalty quick search tool (new upgrade)

    One-stop search for penalty decisions by several regulatory bodies, with visualization function-enhanced precise data processing and multiple types of data reports generated to meet different data analysis needs, facilitates your understanding of regulatory requirements and alerts business departments to associated risks based on real data, in an effort to help you grasp the right compliance trend.
    5. Compliance Checkup Toolkit
    Professional compliance checkup Q&A helps you accurately keep tabs on the pulse of compliance risks of your company. A comprehensive compliance report is generated to help you clearly understand solutions to your problems.

    • Freely switch between the 10-minute simplified version and 30-minute complete version of the checkup
    • Help clients quickly understand their possible risks in their business fields in the form of online Q&A
    • One-click generation of customized reports with all compliance essentials contained in one page
    Eyes on Forefront Issues of Compliance

    Data security and data compliance

    • Assessment procedures for outbound data

    Learn from Others

    Compliance strategies for "going global" based on international experience

    Practice notes on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States, the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom, the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance of Hong Kong and other key laws which are written by lawyers from prestigious international law firms provide more frontline, practical, and accessible information from a global perspective.

    Ask an Expert

    A team of consultants and lawyers with expertise in various fields timely provides professional answers to your legal questions

    How do companies deal with anti-monopoly investigations and conduct internal anti-commercial bribery investigations? Industry experts share with you real "practical" examples.

  • Anti-monopoly case investigation process
  • Anti-monopoly investigation - what happens in the case of an on-site raid? When will a law enforcement department choose to conduct an on-site raid? How should computer-related evidence be collected? …
  • Anti-monopoly investigations - What are the forms of evidence involved in the cases which have been investigated?
  • Conference attendance book, meeting agendas, meeting minutes (mainly in cartel cases).
  • Contracts/agreements/self-disciplinary conventions (mainly in cartel cases).
  • Record of inspection of parties in violation of agreements (mostly in cartel cases).
  • Notice on punishment for defaulting counterparties (mainly in cartel cases).
  • Inquiry record (in cases of cartel and abuse of market dominance).
  • On-site inspection record and photos (in cases of cartel and abuse of market dominance).
  • Receipts of membership fees, deposits, or liquidated damages paid by member entities, bank payment slips, and other financial data (mainly in cartel cases).
  • Product cost data and financial information (in cases of cartel and abuse of market dominance).
  • Self-admission reports (in cases of cartel and abuse of market dominance).
  • Business operation data of related offshore enterprises (in cases of cartel and abuse of market dominance).
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