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    On September 26, the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Forum on Judicial Cooperation hosted by the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China had its grand opening in Dunhuang, Northwest China’s Gansu Province. This event also saw the launch of “Global China Law” (, a platform developed by the People’s Court Press jointly with LexisNexis.

    Mr. Zhou Qiang, Chief Grand Justice and President of the Supreme People’s Court, attended and addressed the launch ceremony for the “Global China Law” platform. He emphasized the important of building and use of this platform, along with the application of big data and other advanced technologies, to provide service to the judicial systems and people of the Belt and Road countries, facilitate judicial culture exchanges and judicial mutual reference, and promote judicial development and progress in legal civilization in these countries.

    Mr. Zhou Qiang, along with Shen Deyong, Executive Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court and Grand Justice of the First Rank of China; Haider Ahmed Dafalla, Chief Justice of the Republic of Sudan; Maikel Moreno, President of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela; and Shermuhammas Shohiyon, President of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan, jointly launched the “Global China Law” platform.  

    (Left to Right: Maikel Moreno; Haider Ahmed Dafalla; Zhou Qiang; Shermuhammas Shohiyon; and Shen Deyong)

    Filed by the Supreme People’s Court and funded by the special cultural industry development funds of the Ministry of Finance of China, “Global China Law” is a reform and development project under the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China. The project, built over two years on the basis of the “Faxin” platform of the People’s Court Press, the biggest law and case platform in China, is designed to meet demands of overseas legal practitioners. As China’s first-ever officially bilingual platform of laws, cases and information available to global users, this platform is undoubtedly the most authoritative way for legal professionals around the world to understand the progress of China’s rule of law and China’s judicial culture. It will play a positive role in facilitating China’s legal information services to go global, serving for the judicial exchanges and cooperation along the Belt and Road routes, and fully advancing the development of law-based governance in China.

    The “Global China Law” platform not only covers all the laws, regulations and important local regulations promulgated by China since 1949, but also includes instructive and authoritative cases selected from China’s court judgment documents that represent the legal practice of Chinese courts and reflect the wisdom of China’s most authoritative judicial experts. As practitioners and influencers in the legal sector, these experts’ thorough understanding of the actual situations of different legal fields in China enables users on this platform to learn about China’s legal system and issues arising in legal practices quickly and accurately, and for legal people around the world, truly facilitates and speeds up their understanding of China’s legislation system and judicial practice in a deep and through way. Additionally, the “Global China Law” platform presents the historical achievements in a bilingual way throughout the evolution of Chinese legal civilization, and comprehensively introduces the current status and characteristics of China’s judicial system.

    (Global China Law home page covers latest legal news, legislations, and cases)

    By combining the advantage of the People’s Court Press in content resources and the technical advantage of LexisNexis globally, the “Global China Law” platform pioneers in integrating the system of statue law and case law, breaking the barrier between the two main law systems, to satisfy demands of overseas legal practitioners for practical Chinese case law searches, which will undoubtedly draw users from the justice, academic, and legal practice communities.

    (Global China Law: main page of “Belt and Road” section and Road” section)

    Tyson Wienker, Managing Director of Greater China and North Asia at LexisNexis, said in his speech that, with promoting the rule of law as its mission, LexisNexis has been collaborating actively with governments and experts from numerous countries and regions to offer specialized legal information service. Margaret Fung, Country Manager of LexisNexis China, said that, from its more than 20 years of existence in China, LexisNexis has acquired a profound understanding of the progress of China’s rule of law, and it is extraordinarily important for the company to have this great opportunity to set up a bridge between China and the world by taking advantage of the company’s technologies and expertise throughout this landmark project. She added that for this project, LexisNexis had set up a special project team, led by the company’s top executives and comprised of highly experienced engineers, editors and translators, to offer the platform with technical support, database development, content development and translation services through its most advanced technologies, such as the big data analysis and machine learning. After the launch of the platform, she said that LexisNexis would spare no effort in promoting it through the company’s extensive network in the world.

    Hugo Zhang, Head of Government Affairs of RELX Group China; Min Chen, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of LexisNexis Asia Pacific; Margaret Fung, Country Manager of LexisNexis China; and Flora Xu, Head of Content of LexisNexis China attended the launch ceremony of the “Global China Law” platform and exchanged ideas with other participants from various countries.

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