Lexis® Practical Guidance

Lexis® Practical Guidance is your everyday tool for essential online legal research. It will get you straight to the answers you need faster and more easily with practical resources all in the one place.

Time Matterss

    Lexis® Practical Guidance has concentrated a substantial amount of expert opinions and leaders’ wisdom. As practitioners and influencers in the legal profession, they truly understand the needs and problems in different areas of the law and can really help you improve work efficiency and personal value.

    Covers all topics in the relevant practice areas. Every topic will be provided with a wide range of information series. It allows you to easily deal with a variety of practical issues. Even in less familiar topics, you can also quickly find the reference and solution to help you constantly expand your business area and improve your knowledge base.

    Lexis® Practical Guidance has the most comprehensive and systematic high-quality contract template base, which provides both Chinese and English versions, annotation of terms, optional terms, etc. and enables you to easily edit and save online/offline.

    Provides necessary tools (e.g. contract template, drafting guide and checklists) in a creative way on one platform which highlight matters requiring immediate attention and recommending best practice tips to help you accomplish your work quickly.

    Lexis® Practical Guidance-Employment is a bilingual online platform designed to keep corporate lawyers, HR officers and employment Lawyers up-to-date and provide them with additional transaction knowledge and support through Overview, Practice Notes, Precedents, Regional Comparison, Check lists and flowcharts, Government forms, In-depth Law and Case Analysis Articles, Selected Cases, Selected Laws and regulations, News and Powerful Search Engine.

    Meet our experts:

    • Junlu Jiang, King & Wood Mallensons
    • Yanling Liang, King & Wood Mallensons
    • Zhenghe Liu, Jing Yue Law Firms
    • Wenwei Su, Deheng Law Firms

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    Lexis® Practical Guidance-Corporate is designed to provide corporate counsels and lawyers with necessary and most updated information related to corporate legal affairs. Covering the whole process from daily legal research to contract review and drafting and to execution of specific projects and transactions, this rich and authoritative pool of practice resources can truly facilitate and speed up efficient solutions to corporate legal issues.

    Authoritative expert advisory committees:

    • Weidong Wang( Grandall Legal Group)
    • Chaoying Li(Han Kun LawOffices)
    • Jihong Wang(Zhong Lun Law Firm)
    • Yongquan Deng(Dacheng Law Firm)
    • Liguo Cui(Guantao Law Firm)
    • Hongji Li(Commerce & Finance Law Office)

    Rich practical experience team:

    • Zhuoru Li(JingTian &Gongcheng)
    • Xiaoyi Feng(Grandall Legal Group)
    • Guodong Zhang(Jincheng Tongda Law Firm)
    • Fan Yang(Dacheng Law Firm)
    • Bo Su(Guantao Law Firm)

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    Practical experts offer 7x24-hour M&A legal assistance for you.

    As an in-house or M&A lawyer, you need to pay close attention to the industry trends, make precise judgments on the risks and opportunities, and wholly grasp the processes of mergers and acquisitions. The practical experience accumulated over time is indispensable for this. "Lexis® Practical Guidance - Mergers & Acquisitions" is devoted to building a platform to gather the experience and wisdom of the front-line in-house lawyers at home and abroad, so as to realize the scale effect and help you to achieve your success.

    What can "Lexis® Practical Guidance – Mergers & Acquisitions" do for enterprises, law firms, investment banks, and advisory agencies?

  • Prevent legal risks in domestic and cross-border M&A.
  • Enter into new industries and fields for M&A investment, and seize business opportunities.
  • Optimize M&A scheme design, and effectively control risks.
  • Rapidly get solutions to difficult issues concerning due diligence.

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    A Complete Solution for Establishing and Optimizing Your Compliance Management System.

    Lexis ® Practical Guidance-Compliance is designed to provide corporations with an extensive practical guide to compliance, with features including search and summary of compliance-related laws and regulations, checklist & flowchart, cases, practice notes and risk pointers written by renowned experts in the field, sample forms, etc. This product provides daily corporate compliance work with rich data and case information support to help companies establish a sound compliance system and formulate related compliance strategies. The database imbedded in this product also tracks in real time hotspot issues in the compliance field, such as network security, data compliance, specific industry regulation, and contract management issues, and promptly integrates global information for clients to keep an accurate grasp on regulatory developments and trends.

    How will Lexis® Practical Guidance-Compliance help you?

    • We provide daily compliance-related working data support to help you establish a sound compliance system.
    • How do companies deal with anti-monopoly investigations and conduct internal anti-commercial bribery investigations? Industry experts share with you real "practical" examples.
    • Compliance strategies for "going global" based on international experience.
    • Offline communication with other compliance professionals.

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    Lexis® Practical Guidance—Outbound Investment is specially created to help businesses on their path of going global. With the world's top legal minds behind it and based on the actual situations in China, it provides full and detailed solutions to specific legal issues in outbound investment.

    • General guide + country-specific guide: clear outlining of the legal framework for outbound investment and one-stop access to knowledge of the legal systems of key countries and regions
    • Global wisdom: professional interpretations provided by lawyers from around the world to help you navigate outbound investment process
    • Wealth of experiences: leading opinions, governmental perspectives, investment practices, case studies, etc.
    • Staying current: Brexit’s legal impact, special "Belt and Road" feature, etc.

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    Lexis® Practical Guidance Tax & Finance is a practice guide designed for tax and financial professionals based on a repository of years of practical experiences from leading experts, and with a comprehensive coverage of the practice area by category, clear tax roadmap, and detailed case studies and interpretation of statutes to provide insights for your practice and enable you to tackle tax challenges with ease.

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    Lexis® Practical Guidance—Capital Markets

    Designed for professionals dealing with capital markets business, Lexis® Practical Guidance- Capital Markets collects capital markets-related laws, regulations and normative documents, offers early warning of regulatory trends, and provides practice guide on five major types of business content covering IPO, New Third Board, M&As of listed companies, bonds and asset securitization. We also exclusively provide in-depth analysis of similar IPO cases written by experts from well-known IPO teams of top law firms, enabling quick access to solutions to similar cases within 60 seconds.

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    LexisNexis® Practical Guidance- Insurance

    Laws and regulations selected to best fit your business model; Interpretation of regulations integrating both official and industrial insiders’ insight; Practice notes for compliance summarized based on punishment cases; Cases review and advice from experts in the judicial circles; To help solve all your insurance law compliance issues more smoothly and efficiently.

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