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The Somaly Mam Foundation

The absence of Rule of Law provides a breeding ground for human rights atrocities such as human trafficking. Every year, it is estimated that over 1 million young children and women are sold into sexual slavery worldwide. LexisNexis has joined forces with Somaly Mam to help combat human trafficking wherever it exists.

In addition to our corporate sponsorship of the Somaly Mam Foundation and AFESIP, we have formed a 10-member Task Force comprised of LexisNexis employees whose wide-ranging legal, managerial and operational expertise is helping these organizations build capacities to stop human trafficking in Cambodia and other areas. The Task Force reviews and makes recommendations to senior management on a number of issues-from licensing attorneys for pro bono legal work to continuing education, multi-jurisdiction practice, insurance and other requirements associated with the practice of law.

The Task Force also looks to pursue opportunities and partnerships that can leverage our resources through a range of activities, including outreach and advocacy; educational forums and thought leadership; the collection, codification and dissemination of laws in once lawless countries, and free dissemination of and training on LexisNexis products and services.