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The essential Chinese-English bilingual legal database tailored for the China market. A true one-stop service for information retrieval and practical operations.

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    As the world's leading provider of comprehensive information and business solutions, the LexisNexis® Group officially launched its flagship product-Lexis® China in 2005, targeting clients from the Government, Chinese and foreign enterprises, law firms, and academic sector, to provide the most authoritative, substantive and time-efficient solutions.

    • Intelligent search engine delivers easy access to millions of data items
    • Comprehensive content enables in-depth interpretation of legal hot issues
    • Customised alerts to sort though millions of data items automatically and send timely updates to the user
    • Strictly controlled translation process to ensure accurate and reliable English translations
    • Multiple practical modules allow tough jobs to be dealt with step by step

    Lexis® China has nearly 2 million primary data items, 33 categories of laws and regulations, as well as, comprehensive coverage of all the laws and judicial precedents promulgated by the central and local Government at all levels since 1949. In addition, Lexis® China is supported by a number of optional modules that provide highly practical content, such as commentaries, contract templates and more. 


    Lexis® China’s primary statute and judicial precedent data are all from official and authoritative sources. The review articles, substantive materials, case analyses and other secondary literature are all written by the country's top experts.


    Lexis® China’s legal information and English translations have all been rigorously revised and screened by professional editing teams to ensure that the platform is free of errors or duplicate data, and that the translations are accurate.


    Lexis® China administers real-time monitoring of more than 3,000 governmental and news agency information sources, ensuring that databases are updated daily and that key statutes promulgated by government departments are available online from the date of the promulgation.


    Lexis® China includes intelligent search engines that deliver focused, refined search results. Content is intuitively classified by legal themes, workflows, industries and fields for easy navigation and faster research.


    Lexis® China content is cleverly and intuitively organised, so that you can quickly and easily obtain all the information you need. When reading laws and regulations, you simply click though the added links to reach any articles, cases or commentaries related to that piece of law. Combine with multiple e-mail alerts and customisable newsletter services, for access to key information on mobile devices at any time.


    Over 90% of Lexis® China’s product improvements come directly from client feedback. Our professional customer service team will answer any questions you raise concerning the content, usage and functional aspects of the platform within 48 hours.

    Sharing Lexis® China clients can access detailed views of authoritative experts from various fields through our online Q&A, cyber meetings and workshops

    More efficient legal research

    • Access to all essential legal information from one single authoritative platform
    • Stay one step ahead for your clients with the latest information updates
    • Timely and accurate legal translations in English

    Continuously improve your professional skills and enhance your professional value

    • React quickly to frequently-changing laws and policies through regular updates
    • One-stop access to in-depth analysis of legal hot issues and comprehensive legal research
    • Improve work efficiency and manage unexpected work challenges more easily
    • Access reference materials in both English and Chinese to ensure consistent professionalism, with accurate legal commentary and project reports
    • Understand the legal requirements of a particular industry or region
    • Quickly locate comprehensive cases for better handling of controversial issues

    Enhance the professionalism and public reputation of your teams

    • Quickly develop the professional skills of young lawyers
    • Improve the efficiency of the entire team
    • Ensure that your teams provide clients with more professional services

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    With customer need for in-depth information, Lexis® China Tax includes content indexes on hot practice topics while renowned Chinese tax experts. These experts are engaged to collate and prepare overviews on important tax policies and laws of China. In addition, this module covers various types of taxes, business areas, and industries and provides the tax information in China required by clients. It also maintains a useful database with coverage of nationwide tax materials and an expert Q & A column that provides clients with practical solutions, thereby helping them to realize their full professional value.

    Helping the user to cope with complex day-to-day financial and tax work

    • Have an understanding of the complex tax registration procedure and tax documents  
    • Inspect constantly-changing financial and tax laws and policies
    • Seek the practical guidance of authoritative tax experts
    • Get high quality legal translation documents

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    Lexis® China Corporate systematically consolidates the laws, regulations, commentaries, practical materials, as well as, all the latest information related to the establishment, operation, acquisition and merger, bankruptcy and restructuring of companies. This module helps customers to guard against the legal risks in the key phases of a company’s life cycle while providing adequate assurance for legal compliance. In addition, Lexis® China Corporate is augmented with up-to-date contents on “Outbound Investment” along with “Anti-monopoly and Anti-trust Law” that offer in-depth analysis of the legal and practical issues for these hot topic areas.

    As a legal information platform customized for legal professionals, Lexis® China Corporate endeavors to provide real one-stop solutions.

    • Fast access to valuable information
    • A knowledge base for finding practical help
    • A collection of useful information in a resource database
    • Quickly updated English translations

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    Lexis® China Employment is another professional online service provided by Lexis China. Centered on "practice", it is the first online service platform for employment and Human Resource professionals in China. In addition to sharing the latest legal developments with professionals, it also offers comprehensive solutions by indexing practical problems encountered by professionals in their day-to-day work. Its unique expert Q&A and online training modules provide a convenient way for professionals to upgrade their skills.

    Our customers

    • Corporate: Human Resource managers, corporate legal counsels
    • Law Firm: Lawyers, Partners
    • Human Resource Consulting agency: Professional advisers
    • Any professional concerned in labor laws and Human Resource management ...

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    In order to better serve clients in the field of intellectual property, LexisNexis has introduced Lexis® China IP. Not only does it provide users with a comprehensive collection of laws, regulations and rulings in China relevant to IP, it also provides value-added information about relevant legal practice, expert Q&A, IP news, etc. The content related to legal practice is indexed based on the actual problems that enterprises and public institutions run across in their daily work, allowing users to quickly retrieve specific laws, case, expert commentary, or practical materials relevant to a particular practical issue with ease.

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    Lexis® China M&A, a first of its kind, comprehensive-yet practical, database purpose built to deliver one-stop legal information and in-depth analysis on M&A business in China.

    • Full control of enterprise M&A: from strategy formulation prior to M&A activity and M&A execution to integration following the M&A
    • Deep coverage and analysis of key M&A challenges and considerations: from tax treatment to M&A in special industries

    The best information service platform in the market, providing the most reliable and powerful research tool available for M&A professionals

    Lexis® China M&A provides companies with:

    • M&A news and trends, with  close-up coverage of industry developments for an accurate assessment of M&A opportunities
    • A sound understanding of the laws and regulations relating to M&A to effectively avoid compliance risks
    • An in-depth knowledge of M&A workflows with relevant cases that demonstrate how to control key risk factors
    • Quick and easy access to legal instruments relevant to M&A

    Lexis® China M&A provides law firms, investment companies and consulting agencies with:

    • Greater efficiency when using human and material resources to conduct legal research
    • A solid understanding of typical client challenges and pain points to help provide more targeted services
    • Close tracking of the development of industry trends, with valuable information and cases from specific industries

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    Lexis® China Securitas & Financing, the first specialized database available in China designed to facilitate the listing of companies and the refinancing of listed companies, while managing legal risks and compliance issues:

  • Covers the relevant laws and regulations, review articles, case analyses, practical materials, and latest news

  • Helps enterprises, securities lawyers, brokers & intermediaries, and consulting firms simplify workflow and gain whole-course control of the legal risks involved in the listing and financing of companies
    • One focus: Practical guidance through the entire corporate financing process
    • Two dimensions: Listing and corporate governance
    • Three stages: assistance with listing preparation; guidance through the listing process; and the subsequent governance of listed companies
    • Four targets: listed enterprises & those planning to list; securities lawyers; brokers & intermediaries, and consulting firms

    Know more about Lexis® China Security & Financing:

    Lexis® China Energy & Environment, the first Chinese and English bilingual legal database designed for energy and environment industry professionals. It is classified by energy industry links and the whole life cycle of energy enterprises that features an index of practical legal issues. In today’s information-laden world, Energy and Environment Professional Version offers the most effective one-stop solution by providing a comprehensive suite of practical information and an easy to use search engine.

    Recommended Contents:

    • Commercial and Legal Information: macroeconomic trends, industry policies, and updated information on laws and regulations
    • Overviews: articles dealing with laws and regulations related to legal issues, including titles, full-text hyperlinks, and Chinese-English translations of laws
    • Selected Cases: written judgments related to the Company Law and the energy industry, including case maps
    • Articles: expert-written commentaries dealing with specific legal issues and providing operational references for professionals
    • Laws and Cases Commentaries: in-depth explanations and comments on hot topics, controversial laws and regulations, and typical cases

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    Lexis® China Foreign Investment, centers on laws, regulations, latest information, contract templates and case analysis of the different industries and business lines required by foreign-invested enterprises and helps companies better integrate to the legal and commercial environment of the host country and minimize investment risks.

    This module allows the user to:

    Timely master the legal compliance information of different industries and business fields

    • Rapidly search for practice guidance and operation guide for foreign investment
    • Deeply understand the comments of senior lawyers on foreign investment cases, and how to identify the legal risks behind real investment case

    Lexis® China Foreign Investment provides the user with one-stop legal practice information and materials.

    • Law Overview on Foreign Investment
    • Whole-process foreign investment “practice guide”
    • Daily-updates on foreign investment trends

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    Lexis® China Commercial Dispute Resolution, the complete guide to commercial dispute resolutions-prevention, procedures and enforcement.

    • Provide best-practice advice and analysis for all kinds of commercial dispute resolutions, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.
    • Offer in-depth practice guidance from general legal proceedings to substantive legal issues.
    • Bring valuable insight from arbitrators, judges and lawyers, for you to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently.

    Lexis® China Commercial Dispute Resolutions Module: your one-stop guide to resolving commercial disputes

    • How to prevent commercial disputes through contracts management and compliance systems?
    • How to prepare for commercial disputes?
    • How to compare and analyze the benefits of multiple dispute resolution options to secure the best outcome?
    • Historical cases on mediations, arbitrations and litigations from different regions, with in-depth analysis?
    • Insights from arbitrators, judges and lawyers on how to handle real commercial disputes?

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